Self-Service Print Scan Copy Kiosk

On-demand Print and Copy, delivered with ease.

Turn any MFP into a self-serve copy/print kiosk

The PCG-K100 or K200 turns any compatible MFP into a self-service copy/print kiosk that allows libraries, colleges, shops, and other public locations to charge patrons for prints and copies. K100 kiosk offers full cash and card payment options. Our new K200 pedestal kiosk offers the same great service with card payment, and the option of adding a coin payment module, at a lower hardware price.

PCG-K200 Plus

Designed for today's mobile users

Users today have access to all their information and documents via their mobile device. The documents maybe stored in cloud accounts from Microsoft or Google, or directly on the device.
The SurfBox PCG-K100 or K200 Print and Copy Kiosk provides the easiest way for users to access, Print and Pay in a completely self-serve environment, whether accessing file from their USB key, mobile device or cloud storage accounts.

Choose a kiosk that best suits your users needs:

  • K100 – Metal Body kiosk with contactless credit/debit card payment and full cash payment, note, coin and dispense change.
  • K200 – Pedestal kiosk with contactless card payment.
  • K200 plus – Pedestal kiosk with contactless cards payment and cash payment, coin only exact payment.

Integrates with any MFP Printer

Turn any MFP into a self-service ‘Pay as You Go’ printing / copying service for your Customers.
Printing on demand in Public Libraries at any time.
Our PCG – Software Application is tested with HP, Brother, Rioch, Toshiba and Xerox MFP’s. Once the MFP is Twain compatible, our Software application can be configured to work with it. 
Provide us with the Make and Model of your MFP and we will confirm whether it is compatible or not.
Most MPF’s that are less than 3 years old have a compatible Twain interface.


Self-Service Printing for Public Locations

Self-service ‘Pay as You Go’ printing / copying service for public locations. From either your PC’s or any mobile device.

  • Print from  mobile devices – simply email the document of use the PrinterOn App , receive a privacy code to release the print .
  • Print from USB – Insert a USB drive and  select files to print.
  • Print and Copy in Colour or Black-White with dual pricing.
  • Full Copier functionality, single and double sided printing and copying, A4 and A3 paper size.
  • Scan to email or USB.  Can charge flat-rate charge per document.
  • Contactless card payment reader, allowing users to pay for their prints, with any credit or debit card or android or apple pay.
  • Depending on kiosk model , cash payment with note, coin and dispense change, or exact payment coin only.
  • 17″ Touchscreen Monitor and PC running Windows 10
  • Heavy based metal kiosk, powder coated. Fitted with note reader, coin-acceptor and change giver. 
  • Secure locks and cash collection box.
  • Contactless, swipe and chip card reader, debit/credit cards, Apple/Android Pay. 
  • Slim attractive touchscreen kiosk
  • All-in-one 15″ Touchscreen PC, Windows 10.
  • Heavy based pedestal stand with VESA bracket for mounting touchscreen PC.
  • Contactless, swipe and chip card reader, debit/credit cards, Apple/Android Pay. 

PCG-Software App is an easy to use tablet-like touchscreen application, it is self-explanatory for walk-up Users to Print, Copy or Scan. It’s integrated with PrinterOn© cloud based mobile print from hp, allowing users print from any mobile device in a safe and secure manner.

The Applications manages the payment devices, note reader, coin acceptor, change dispenser and contactless card reader, providing both cash and card payment options for users.

The backend reporting system  delivers usage and sales reports , z-read for cash out , and allows the administrator  set dual print and copy pricing for  colour and mono printing.

  • Installation and Commissioning of kiosk.
  • During the Commissioning the kiosk will be configured to work with your MFP.
  • Remote and telephone and online support for the kiosk and application.
  • Maintenance and support for payment devices.
Our Flexible Business Models

SurfBox - Business Models

Both the K100 and K200 kiosks are available at very competitive hardware prices. A single annual subscription to PCG Software Application V2.0 is required for each kiosk. Additional support and maintenance can be purchased for the cash payment devices on the K100 kiosk. 

Supply and Support

  • Supply of K100 or K200 kiosks at very competitive Hardware price.
  • Annual subscription to PCG Software Application V2.0.
  • Installation and Commissioning of Kiosk to work with your MFP.
  • Annual maintenance and support agreement for kiosk and payment devices.
  • User support agreement and staff training.

Revenue Share

  • We supply the kiosk, printer, software, paper and toner at zero cost. 
  • Provide all the services including cash collection and processing.
  • We provide a complete outsourced service, where the Customer incurs zero capital investment or running costs.
  • The Customer reduces their capital and operating costs, and recieves a percentage of the revenue generated by the service.

Would you like more information?

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