Self-Service Print Copy Scan kiosks

Managed Service Provider. Does your Customers or Users need a Print or Photocopy service?
We provide kiosks and software to allow you provide an on demand self-service printing and photocopying with card or cash payment.


Print Copy and Go

We provide Self-Service Printing Kiosks and Software.

Easy to use Self-Service ‘Pay As You Go’ print copy scan service for public locations. Print directly from PC, Laptop or any mobile device or USB key.

Choose the kiosk that best suits your needs, contactless card payment or cash and card payment. 

3D Printing

We Provide 3D Printing Supplies, Training and Support.

We supply 3D Printers to Public Libraries and Schools, train their staff on how to use the printers and provide ongoing maintenance and support. 

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Print & Copy Kiosk - Cash and Card Payment

Pay as You Go Self-Service Print and COpy kiosks. Cash and Card PAyment.

Print & Copy Kiosk - Card Only

Pay as You Go Self-Service Print and Copy kiosks. Contactless card payment.

Internet & Print Kiosk - Cash and Card

Pay as You Go Self-Service Internet and Print kiosk for Public locations.

3D Printer - Supply

We supply 3D printers, the full range of Ultimaker printers.

3D Printing - Training

We provide Staff and User 3D printer training. We run the workshops online and in person.

3D Printing - Support

Pay As You Go Self-Service Print and Copy kiosks.Cash and Card payment.We provide complete support for your 3D printer, repair and maintenance, Filament, design and operation support.

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Declan Lennon

Technical Director

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