Printing needs on the go

We pride ourselves on our level of service

Self-Service Print Scan Copy Kiosks​

Design and Manufacture Self-Service Kiosks  

Develop Software Applications for Self-Service Kiosks

Provide Maintenance and Support Services


Print kiosk

3D Printing Services

Supply Ultimaker 3D Printers and associated products. 

Provide 3D printer training for Staff and Users

Maintenance and Support Services


Print & Copy Kiosk - Cash and Card Payment

Pay as You Go Self-Service Print and COpy kiosks. Cash and Card PAyment.

Print & Copy Kiosk - Card Only

Pay as You Go Self-Service Print and Copy kiosks. Contactless card payment.

Internet & Print Kiosk - Cash and Card

Pay as You Go Self-Service Internet and Print kiosk for Public locations.

3D Printer - Supply

We supply 3D printers, the full range of Ultimaker printers.

3D Printing - Training

We provide Staff and User 3D printer training. We run the workshops online and in person.

3D Printing - Support

Pay As You Go Self-Service Print and Copy kiosks.Cash and Card payment.We provide complete support for your 3D printer, repair and maintenance, Filament, design and operation support.

Self -Service Print Scan Copy

Public Libraries

We operate Self-Service Print Scan Copy Kiosks in Public Libraries in Ireland and the UK. 

Internet, Pring Scan Copy

Shopping Centers

We provide Pay-As-You-Go Internet and Print Scan Copy kiosks in Shopping Center Malls.

Internet - Print


We provide Pay-As-You-Go Self-Service Internet and Print Services in Airport Terminals for people on the move.

We strive to make our users and your customers happy

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