Good adhesion of your printed part on the print bed is a must in 3D printing! DimaFix Pen is a new product based on the Dimafix adhesive spray so that your object remains fixed during the printing process and avoiding deformation.

The Dimafix Pen has the same adhesive properties as the Dimafix spray, which ensures a strong bond between the first layer and the building board. The pen is intended for use with heated build plates. Below 60 ° C, Dimafix becomes inactive so prints can be easily removed from the board. Dimafix is completely water soluble. The cleaning of the building board is, therefore, a simple process. The Dimafix Pen can be used more than 100 times and contains no gas.

Different print bed temperatures lead to different degrees of adhesion:
Below 60 ° C: Low adhesion – so that the objects can be detached from the plate
60 – 75 ºC: Medium adhesion for simple geometries
75 – 95 ºC: High adhesion for complex geometries and long prints
Above 95 ºC: Very high adhesion, for very complex geometries and very long prints